Social Distancing: Pigs & Babies

Plus, Keeping A School Tradition Alive During The Pandemic


A lot of us are getting time to dig into old hobbies. Or dig up old history.
One of my favorite museums in the area, The Lake Region Heritage Center in Devils Lake, is digging through its history and posting some gems on social media.

1893 First Graduates of DLHS

Posted by Lake Region Heritage Center Inc on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

I love this pic. It’s the first ever graduating class at Devils Lake High School from 1893. It’s just two people!
You almost wouldn’t even need to worry about social distancing to have a ceremony for a class that small.
I wonder how Albert C. Baker and Samuel Rainville celebrated their graduation. It looks liked a pretty formal affair.
Today, students are having to make due with online graduation ceremonies or socially distanced events that keep students spread apart.

But a school custodian is keeping one tradition going even through social distancing.

Lincoln Elementary head custodian Tony Gerling sings for students on their birthdays, normally in the school cafeteria. With the schools closed, he still found a way to sing to a student on his birthday.
Fargo Public Schools shared this adorable picture.

And we have more adorable pictures this morning. How about a piggy meeting a baby.

Pig And Baby
These are from the Hawkes Homestead animal rescue in New Rockford, North Dakota. Full disclosure, the owner is a friend of mine. But this pic is so adorable. The rescue is open for “VERY SMALL private tours”. And this baby got to meet Kevin the pig, who apparently tried to swipe a toy from the kid, but later settled for belly rubs.

Pig And Baby 2

You can see some chickens and geese in the background. There’s a llama and a whole bunch of cats running around the place as well.

Living like you’re Dr. Dolittle sounds like a fun way to ride out the pandemic.
We always love animal pics and videos, especially now when we can’t hang out with pets in studio every week like we used to. Send us your pet pics! Please!
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