Social Distancing: Finding A Way To Celebrate Milestones

Plus, Who Says You Need a Shirt For Class?


A lot people are missing a lot of major milestones. An entire class of seniors had their graduation ceremonies taken from them.
We’re having to celebrate birthdays and weddings through a screen.

Thankfully, some of you are still getting to celebrate life’s big moments even while you’re protecting yourselves during the pandemic.
Doug Beierle send in these gems. It’s him and his wife Terry meeting their brand new granddaughter last month. Eloise Elaine Paveck was born on April 18th.
Doug and Terry got to meet her on the 21st, while wearing protective masks.
Doug says Eloise’s older brother was born during the swine flu pandemic about a decade ago.
That family certainly has a flair for dramatic timing.
Thanks for sharing your moment of joy.

Karen in Devils Lake is sharing how her family is adapting to the new normal this morning.
She says sent in a pic of her grandson, Hunter.
And she says he’s at school in this pic.
He’s doing his lessons over zoom laying on a trampoline with his dog Murphy by his side.
No shirt, no shoes, no problem at school, at least these days.

It’s inspiring to see how people are making things work with the new normal. Send us your pet pics! We’d love to see how you’re doing.
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