Social Distancing: Digging Up Memories

Social Distance-Induced Spring Cleaning Has Its Perks


Now is the time to get those home projects done. You’re at home more, might as well spruce it up. Plus you never know what surprises you might find in your home.
I started re-organizing my bedroom yesterday, digging through boxes that have been sitting there forever.
And I found something I completely forgot about.

Cuff Links
You might have noticed the tie clip I’ve got on. It belonged to my grandpa. He died about two years ago.

He was one of my heroes. A completely self-made man. Funny as heck. Generous as you can be.
But he was always more of a bolo tie kind of guy. I had no idea he had things like tie clips and cuff links.

But when he died, my parents saved a whole bag of them for me. I had completely forgotten about them until yesterday. But now I want to wear them and cycle through them to honor him.
And if you’re been meaning to get to any of those home projects, you might find a fun surprise for yourself you forgot about.

But if you are heading out, there’s a new piece of public art you can enjoy today.

Kim Jore Butterfly

Moorhead Artist Kim Jore finished her latest chalk design Monday. She created a lovely butterfly design outside M&H on Main Avenue in Moorhead.
She owns Riverzen art studio, but while her business is closed during the pandemic she’s been creating intricate chalk designs outside Moorhead businesses. Her goal is to do 10. This is number six.
And it’s a lovely day to go check her art out if you can.

Are you able to get out and enjoy the nice weather while social distancing. Or are you staying in like me and starting home projects? Show us how you’re using your social distance time!
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