Social Distancing: Anti-Anxiety Animal Posts

Sooth Your Aching Heart With Adorable Animal Antics


This is one of the most sorrowful weeks we’ve seen here in our region. Nearly everyone’s hearts are heavy. And couple with a global pandemic, things can feel overwhelming. So let’s take a moment and step back and find some things to help us feel better.
Exercise is great for your mental health as well. I went on a run Thursday afternoon to help clear my head, but I stumbled onto a place I don’t belong.

No Boys Allowed

What? No boys allowed? Oops. I didn’t realize that particular sidewalk was reserved for girls only, or else I wouldn’t have jogged on it.
I hope the presumably little girls who marked their territory will forgive the incursion.


And I’ve got a friend who has maybe the ultimate method of clearing your head. Surrounding yourself with an entire menagerie.

My friend Jess owns Hawkes Homestead animal rescue outside New Rockford.
They’re doing a series called “Anti-Anxiety Animal Posts”, which is basically an excuse to post cute pics of their animals to help calm the stresses of social distancing and the pandemic.
And Thursday’s was a doozy, getting eye-level with cute pigs, geese, chickens, cats, you name it.
So let’s just enjoy some of the beauty we have, and remember that it still exists.

Let us know how you’re handling social distancing. Are you loosening things up and heading out? Celebrating a birthday with family? Let us know.

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