Protesters March Across F-M Area Over Death Of George Floyd

"I have experienced in my past what it is like to be profiled," Moorhead Mayor Jonathan Judd said

FARGO, N.D. — Cries for change can be heard all around Fargo as thousands took to the streets from Island Park to the Fargo police stations and as far out as West Fargo in outrage over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Crowds overtook the streets as police officers tried to keep the march contained and helped people stuck in between get out of the way.

Protesters we spoke to say it’s about sending a message but not crossing a line of violence.

“Enough police brutality, we are not busting buildings, no public destruction of property we are not in police face we are not violent,” Protestor Manny Smith said.

The protest hit its peak at the Fargo Police Department Station on 25th street as people went down on their knees in front of cops as a sign to protest police brutality.

Fargo Mayor Tim Mahomey, Moorhead Mayor Johnthan Judd and Fargo Police Chief David Todd all showed up in front of the crowd as police are armed with riot gear.

The department says in a social media post they support a peaceful march but are prepared should that change.

“I grew up in a housing project. I know what it’s like to be in an area where you feel that there is no hope and there are no resources to help anybody. Enough is enough, I understand,” Mayor Jonathan Judd said.

Protestors made stops at multiple intersections along the route to help regroup and represent in as many places around town as possible.

“We are reaching out to state and local officials to let them know that we could come together as one and stop police brutality and lets come together as one,”Smith said.

These marchers crossed over a dozen miles all through the day by bike, car or just on foot.

In a stand for what they say is unity and change, not further division.

“I have a son of color whose name is Metta and I don’t want anyone picked up and treated like this in the United States Of America, Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney said.

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