Social Distancing: Garage Sales Return

Plus, Adam's Social Distancing Cooking Hobby


Social distancing recommendations are still in effect, but states are starting to loosen restrictions.
Today is the first day restaurants in Minnesota can reopen to eat-in customers, as long as they have outdoor seating.
While I’m waiting for a chance to head to one of my favorite Minnesota restaurants I decided to recreate a little bit of its magic at home.

I recreated my favorite appetizer at Rustica in Moorhead Saturday afternoon. Bacon-wrapped chorizo-stuffed dates.


I don’t get any style points for my food picture, but they were divine. One of my quarantine hobbies has been re-creating my favorite apps at home. I already did the Toasted Frog’s cheesy pickles.
Next, I might try the bacon jalapeno wontons from Twist in Fargo.

As I mentioned, some of the COVID-19 restrictions are loosening up. People are starting to get back to a life that is closer to normal.
That includes inviting strangers to your home to gawk at stuff you want to get rid of.

I gotta admit, I was surprised to run across a garage sale this weekend here in the metro. But the folks who put this on apparently felt comfortable enough with how COVID rates are trending to put one on.
They were attracting people, too. I hope they made a few bucks and cleared out some space in their home.

Are you taking advantage of loosening restrictions? Are you still planning to social distance for a while? Let me know what your plans are as we fumble through this pandemic together.
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