Moorhead Farmer’s Market Opens For Summer

The venue is taking precautions to help protect customers from COVID-19

Farmers Market

MOORHEAD, MN – Today marked the opening of the Moorhead farmer’s market in the Ace Hardware parking lot on 20 S sixth street. It’s open every Tuesday through September 29th. Minnesota Governer Tim Walz’s executive order deems the market an essential, allowing it to operate under safety guidelines including social distancing, hand washing, and customers following a designated path. Moorhead Parks and Recreation coordinator Trevor Magnuson says things are fluid as they get going.

“We got kind of some barricades between the customers and vendors to abide by so they’re not face to face, by any means,” Magnuson said. “So we’re doing the best we can. It might be a week by week thing. We’ll see what works, what doesn’t work. But the customers and the vendors are what’s most important is the safety of everyone when they’re coming out here.”

Eight vendors have already opened up their stands and two more are expected to in July.

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