City Leaders And Community Organizers Meet To Discuss Inclusivity In The F-M Area

This is happening days before a second march for George Floyd is set to take place in Fargo.

FARGO, N.D.- A second march for George Floyd that was set to happen on Friday has turned into a celebration.

This is after conversations that took place at the Sky Commons Conference Center on Wednesday as part of the listening sessions offered by City Leaders to discuss what they can do better.

“Today we had a tremendous meeting, had a lot of communication, had a lot of soul searching and had a lot of things that went on between us. We feel that we’ve started the healing process in our community,” said City of Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney.

“We were able to successfully get the ears and the eyes of our leaders in one room. We were able to catch their attention and that’s what we wanted. And we are so joyful,” says Community Organizer Angelina Zokego.

Some of the topics involved having more inclusivity in institutions in the region.

“We need to look at diversifying our police departments, leaderships, and city government. Do we have employees that represent what our community looks like? Says Moorhead Mayor Jonathan Judd.

Although they feel happy with all the progress made, they say this is just a small step, because there is still work left to do.

They hope to continue to meet to have these important discussions.

“This is not just about George Floyd or Cody Holte, this is about all people from all races coming together and showing how in small town Fargo, we can change the world one step at a time,” says Community Organizer Wess Philome.

City leaders as well as organizers will be giving out more details on the celebration that is taking place on Friday.

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