Social Distancing: Opening During A Pandemic

A Brewery That Opened Last Month Sports Strong Social Distancing Measures


Restaurants can finally open up for indoor dining this Wednesday. Until then, a lot of places are doing just takeout and delivery.
It’s a challenge for an established place, let alone a place that just opened during the pandemic.

I went and checked out Swing Barrel Brewing in Moorhead for the first time over the weekend.
They just opened on May 23rd.

They told me they’re doing well considering they opened in the middle of a pandemic. They did have a robust social distance game. You could only go in the entryway of their building. They were only letting one group in at a time, and the people working there were wearing masks and standing behind a plastic shield. There was only a hole big enough to slide the beer through.

Speaking of that beer. They’re new, so I got every beer they offered to try them out. I haven’t gotten through them all, but I do recommend the Indies 4 Brown Ale.
Plus I love the Clockwork Orange-inspired artwork on the label.

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