Social Distancing: Keeping Your Distance When You Eat

Are you ready to head back inside a Minnesota restaurant?


We showed you what restaurants are looking like in Minnesota this morning now that they can serve customers inside. Things looks a little different than they used to.

Along with A 50 percent capacity limit, restaurants workers are required to wear masks. Customers are encouraged to wear masks.
Plus, reservations are required for any restaurant.

But even with all those changes in the name of safety, are you ready to head back inside a Minnesota restaurant? I asked that question on social media, and the resounding answer is: not yet.

Some of you are fine the way things were, where outdoor dining was allowed. MJ says, “I’d rather dine outside that be in the building.”

DaNell says, “I will wait but would feel more comfortable outside and (at a) distance.”

Shirley Ann isn’t tired of home cooking yet. She writes, “No eating in restaurants for quite awhile even if they are open.”

Jenni Lou doesn’t want to face a crowd. She writes, “Outside for now unless they’re basically empty.”

Chuck has one place he misses, but he’s not ready to go back yet. He writes on Twitter,
“Would love to get back to the Wilkin in Breckenridge. Seems like it has been months, guess it has been. Won’t go back until the infections in MN go way-way down. Great food and service at the Wilkin.”

Are you ready to head back to restaurants for indoor dining? Or are you going to hold off for a while? Let us know your plans.
You can message me on Facebook and Twitter.

Even during this pandemic, you can still find some hope if you know where to look.

So let’s look to Grand Forks, where Hope INC. just expanded their services.
The adaptive sports and recreation group hosted a wheelchair softball game at Riverside Park on Tuesday.
They’ve invited KVRR to play before, and it’s a ton of fun.
And they look like they’re having a blast as well.
Good news then, because Hope INC. says they’ll be back in Grand Forks next Tuesday for more fun.

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