Fargo Cass Public Health Encourages People To Stop Smoking For “It’s Quitting Time” Week

Health experts the best first step in quitting is finding the cause.

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo Cass Public Health says nearly 20% of all adults in North Dakota smoke.

That leads to more than $300 million in health care costs and killing nearly 1,000 people a year.

Health experts the best first step in quitting is finding the cause.

“Pay attention when you are having each of those cigarettes. Is it a habit or is it a nicotine craving that you’re having?” Tobacco Prevention Coordinator For Fargo Cass Public Health Melissa Markegard said.

Markegard says taking small steps like removing tobacco products and triggers from the home and work environment, and replace those items with healthy foods and stress-relieving aids.

A big step for the department is combating youth vaping she says has skyrocketed to 33% according to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

“We don’t want youth to start, that’s what big tobacco companies do want is youth to start. Because they know and we know that their brains are more susceptible to becoming addicted,” Markegard said.

Parents are being asked to become more involved by talking to their kids about the dangers of smoking.

“Every single day is something new that we find out about so it’s really important for parents to educate themselves before having a conversation, so they know what they are talking about before they head into it,” Markegard said.

She says the first step is always the hardest step towards quitting but the long term reward at the end is worth the struggle.

“We want you to be glad that you’re done smoking and you need to be at that point in order for the quit attempt to be successful,” Markegard said.

Link To Additional Help Resources: https://ndquits.health.nd.gov/

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