“Code & space issues” at Moorhead Armory

MOORHEAD, Minn. – Minnesota National Guard says the Moorhead Armory has not been renovated in a major way since it was built 32 years ago.

Governor Tim Walz seemed surprised Tuesday when senate Republicans left out $5.3 million for repairing the building in their proposed bonding bill. The project was included in the house Democrats’ bill.

The guard says the armory has code and space issues.

“The building itself is currently in what we would refer to as a red status and is short about 28% of the authorized space within the unit that are out there currently,” Minnesota National Guard Maj. Scott Hawks said.

The guard says it has no plans on replacing or abandoning the building in the next 50 years.

Other requests for state money include $9.5 million for a Moorhead community and aquatics center in a bill State Rep. Ben Lien authored and $8.5 million for a new Clay County solid waste facility.

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