Social Distancing: New Hobbies

Another Puzzling Development


We’ve been sharing new hobbies that you guys have developed during social distancing, and I’ve been sharing some of mine too. But I might be in over my head with my new hobby.

I was inspired to buy some puzzles. My mom loves em. We’ve shared stories of communities with puzzle swap sheds during the pandemic.

Well, I did one last week, and I got a little playful joking that it was only 100 pieces. So this bad boy arrived yesterday. It’s a bear, and it’s 586 pieces.

But those pieces are insane. It’s not rectangular-shaped. The puzzle is the actual shape of a bear head, so I basically spent two hours yesterday looking at pieces that resemble tiny arrowheads that are all the same color going…whaaa?
But hey, it’s a challenge.

I’m sure there’s a puzzle strategy. Let me know yours, and tell me about your new hobbies. I know there are a few new sourdough starters out there.
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