Minnesota Youth Games Allowed To Resume

The Minnesota Department of health lays out guidelines for indoor and outdoor games

Minnesota announced it’s okay to resume outdoor activities and not long after, indoor ones. Practices are a go and now the state department of health is giving the green light on outdoor games and scrimmages, which they recommend teams start on Wednesday. Indoor ones start up on July 1st or later. Safety guidelines for public gatherings are still there and organizations are required to have plans in place that integrate the department guidelines. The state says it’s important to give space to teams and individuals who aren’t ready to return right away.

They’re discouraging multiple people from using the same bottles, sharing snacks and towels. The state wants participants to use their own equipment only, practice distant sportsmanship, and conduct health and screening checks. Nevertheless, d.G.F. Baseball coach Allen Krueger is just happy to be back.

“Finaly was one thought,” Krueger said. “I think satisfaction was another thought just to catch up with the north dakota side cause we’re so close to the border. Lot of the communities over here are looking to get on the field with their guys and we’re no different. We’ve tried to get on the field and start practices in pods and just do everything in alignment with minnesota department of health and now that we can get outside for outdoor games on june 24th, this’ll be a busy weekend, not just for us but for a lot of communities on the minnesota side.”

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