Red River Zoo celebrates Father’s Day with free admission for dads

Free Father's Day admission has been a tradition at the zoo for years

FARGO, N.D. — “We usually fly a kite if it’s windy enough. We have lots of sleepovers and go camping.”

That’s how 9-year-old Caelin Motherway usually spends time with her dad, or best friend, as she calls him.

But on Father’s Day, a trip to the Red River Zoo was the way to go.

“Dad ordered us tickets last night because he thought it’d be fun, and we got to see the red pandas, and the cats and this weird looking one,” she says.

Caelin and her dad weren’t the only ones soaking up the sun and taking advantage of free admission for fathers.

“It’s been beautiful weather, great crowds and everyone’s been having a really good time,” says Red River Zoo Director of Finance & Business Development Jeremiah Gard.

A good time for all dads, including new fathers of the zoo.

Baby Pallas’ cats, goats and a baby camel recently became part of the zoo family.

“Everyday our animals get some type of enrichment activity. Each individual zoo keeper kind of decides what they want to do for their animals, so I’m sure some of them have some special, fun things planned today to celebrate Father’s Day,” says Gard.

Also celebrating Father’s Day is 6-year-old Kennedeey Roach of Fargo.

She says it’s simple why she likes spending time with her dad.

“Cause I love him.”

As for Caelin’s dad, she says, “He’s really nice and he lets me do a lot of stuff with him.”

Those with the zoo say they’re happy they can continue their annual Father’s Day tradition and provide a space for families to bond.

The zoo is in its final phases of reopening.

All buildings are now open.

However, guests are still asked to follow one way traffic directions and encouraged to wear face masks.

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