Recount for West Fargo School Board election to continue Tuesday

WEST FARGO, N.D. — A recount for the West Fargo School Board election began at 10:30 Monday morning, but staff members weren’t able to finish reviewing the ballots.

Cass County Election Coordinator DeAnn Buckhouse says the group will reconvene Tuesday morning.

Ballots are reviewed manually by county employees and ran through a scanning machine.

Eight candidates were in the West Fargo School Board race.

In the initial count, Dan Schaeffer had a 16-vote lead over Shannon Grave.

The county received around 6,500 ballots for this race.

“We actually saw a good turnout for this election as opposed to a regular primary. You know, obviously it’s a presidential year, so there’s always more interest,” says Buckhouse.

Patti Stedman and Trisha Page won the other seats on the school board.

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