Social Distancing: Do As The Bears Do

See How Grizzlies At The Chahinkapa Zoo Enforce Social Distancing


My girlfriend and I celebrated two years together over the weekend. Happy anniversary, sweetie! It’s hard trying to find a proper way to celebrate during COVID-19. We didn’t want to travel anywhere too far, So we settled on a little day trip to the Chahinkapa Zoo, where even the animals were in on social distancing.

One of their grizzlies made sure the other followed social distancing measures. And then the bear just starts scratching its belly. I love it’s priorities.
The zoo had a lot of social distance measures in place. No touch paying at the front gate. The gift shop was all moved outdoors. I couldn’t even get within six feet of the bears, so not the worst place to spend a few hours.

How are you having fun during the pandemic? I saw lots of kids there at the zoo.
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