Republican Supporters and Politicians Celebrate Opening Of New Trump Victory Office In Moorhead

They say it's going to be a long fight through November but are confident in their supporters leading them to victory

MOORHEAD, MINN. — “When we do it right here in the 7th it’s going to push us over the finish line to finally get a conservative in the United State Senate to help Senator Cramer, Minnesota Senate Republican Candidate Jason Lewis said.

Minnesota Republican Senate candidate Jason Lewis, Minnesota Republican House candidate Michelle Fischbach and North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer broke ground on the opening day for the Trump Victory Office.

The office located on Frontage Road is planned to be a location for people to buy Republican gear and help with setting up registration for the upcoming November election.

Senator Cramer spoke about the importance of flipping the 7th Electoral District of Minnesota and supporting both Lewis and Fischbach.

“I believe in him so strongly as a former colleague, as a future colleague, as a patriot , as an expert communicator and I believe strongly in you all,” North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer said.

All three spoke about supporting law and order, healthcare and handling the economy during COVID-19.

“Because the government hiding behind a public health challenge can not take away your privileges and immunities guaranteed by the constitution which we take an oath to when we take public office,” Lewis said.

The candidates say this election cycle is crucial in keeping both the White House and the Senate.

“If the President doesn’t get over the finish line or we lose the last firewall of freedom in the United States Senate, the American experiment is lost,” Lewis said.

They say it’s going to be a long fight through November but are confident in their supporters leading them to victory.

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