NDDoH reminds parents of the dangers of leaving children in hot cars

Child In Car

FARGO, N.D.–The North Dakota Department of Health is reminding parents and caregivers to be mindful about leaving children in hot cars.

According to the NDDoH heatstroke is the number one vehicle-related killer of children in the United States. Young children are especially susceptible to heatstroke as their bodies heat up three to five times faster than adults.

Dawn Mayer, NDDoH Child Passenger Safety Program Director, said, “More than half (54%) of all vehicle-related heatstroke deaths in children are caused by a child accidentally being left in the car, and 26% are from a child getting into a hot car unsupervised. We want to get the word out to parents and caregivers: please Look Before You Lock.”

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to check the back seat before leaving the car. In addition, children should not have access to keys and doors should be locked after exiting the vehicle.

Anyone who sees a child alone in a vehicle should call 911. If a child appears unresponsive, spray the child with cool water. More information about heatstroke can be found here.

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