Emerado Offers Basement Cleanup Kits After More Than 8 Inches of Rain

Water Made Its Way Inside Emerado Volunteer Fire Department
Emerado Fire 1
Emerado Volunteer Fire Department/Facebook

EMERADO, N.D. — They are still cleaning up in Emerado, North Dakota after storms Tuesday and Wednesday dropped more than 8 inches of rain.

This is how it looked inside the Emerado Volunteer Fire Department.

They posted pictures to social media Wednesday with the caption: “So, we DO need water to do our job, but this is NOT what we had in mind… Looks like your Friendly Neighborhood EVFD Firefighters have some cleaning up to do…”

Basement cleanup kits are available at City Hall.

They can also help with volunteers if you need help.

The city recommends taking care of standing water right away so it doesn’t cause mold which can be dangerous to your health.

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