Drekker Brewing Co. raising money, supporting people of color through “Black is Beautiful” stout

FARGO, N.D. — Protests and demonstrations in Fargo-Moorhead have inspired many people and companies to think about how they could be of help.

Drekker Brewing Company is collaborating with the San Antonio Brewing company Weathered Souls and dedicating three weeks working on their Black is Beautiful stout.

This participation goes with a pledge to donate proceeds to a program that supports people of color.

Drekker’s owner says fundraising is great, but he’s hoping this space becomes more of a place to ignite discussion and activism.

“I think that in our community up here, the Midwest and North Dakota, and Minnesota, and Fargo. We have a lot of learning and a lot of questions and this is just one way we can help spark these conversations and hopefully move progress in our own community,” said Drekker founder Mark Bjornstad.

All proceeds from the Black is Beautiful stout will go to the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition.

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