Social Distancing: Getting Away

Trying To Plan A Social Distanced Vacation


Recreation isn’t the same this summer as it was before COVID-19. Packed lakes during the 4th of July weekend drew a lot of scorn. Trying to come up with a vacation plan can be a challenge if you want to social distance.
I’ve got a few days off coming up later this month. I was originally going to the Twin Cities for a concert. But the band cancelled its tour and the thought of cramming into a venue packed like sardines is even less fun now than it was six months ago.

I think camping looks like a good way to use my hard-earned vacation days while doing a good job social distancing.
So that’s what I’m thinking, but I need your help. It’s been about eight years since I’ve gone camping and I need to stock up.

So let’s talk tents. I’ve been looking online but I have no clue what to get. Some of them are pretty basic pop-up tents to sleep in. Some look like forest palaces with three rooms, over hangs for shade, mesh outer sun rooms to let the breeze in but keep the bugs out.
Help me out. What’s gonna be comfortable for a couple people to hang out for three or four days in the woods? Also, what do you think for sleeping bags? Inflatable mattress? Find a soft rock for a pillow? This area is full of outdoor enthusiasts. I hope a few of you have some good tidbits.
And, send along some good camping spots in our region. I know there’s beauty throughout North Dakota and Minnesota.

Let me know how you’re using your summer vacations while you’re social distancing. You gotta be a little creative.
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