Social Distancing: Camping Tips

You Give Me Your Camping Tips As I Plan A Social Distance Vacation


I’ve been trying to come up with some socially distanced vacation ideas. I settled on camping.

I went camping all the time when I was a kid. But it’s been a while so I needed to re-stock up on pretty much everything I need. So I asked you for some ideas.
Thanks for the advice, guys.

Sue wrote, “Unless you are going to keep camping just rent a camper!” I’m hoping this becomes a regular thing so I went out and bought a tent over the weekend.

Brenda says, “I love tent camping. There is just something satisfying about knowing you are capable of ‘roughing it’. But I need a shower and a flush toilet every couple of days.” I feel ya there. I wanted the tent so I could feel like I was roughing it, but yeah, toilets are nice.

Marissa has some suggestions. She says, “We love all of the state parks for camping! Have you been to Itasca lately? That’s a great one!”
Here’s the thing. Itasca is ridiculously full. I tried getting a place there and there were barely any spots for the next two months. Hopefully you can still keep your social distance out there.

MJ has the most important tip I got, “Bug spray, bug spray & more bug spray. Oh & then don’t forget to apply sunscreen.”
Nothing can ruin an outdoor trip like mosquitoes. I got the citronella candles. I got the bug spray. We’re looking into an outdoor net thing so we can sit outside without getting eaten alive. Hopefully we’re covered.

I’m excited for a little social distance vacationing. Let us know what your plans are for your free time this summer?
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