Dr. Shelley Lenz Says Burgum “Lacks Leadership” When Dealing With COVID-19

The democrat is a running against Doug Burgum for Governor of North Dakota.

FARGO, N.D. – Dem-NPL candidate for governor of North Dakota Dr. Shelley Lenz stops by Fargo to talk priorities Governor Doug Burgum and Covid-19.

Lenz says one of the main issues she wants to tackle if she becomes governor is access to healthcare.

She also says Burgum has failed in the way he has handled COVID-19.

The Democrat says at this point, she would have mandated every North Dakotan to wear a mask.

“His lack of leadership, it’s just an absolute absence. He’s just punted everything to you know, he doesn’t want to make the hard decisions. It is a hard decision to help educate the public to wear your mask in public. But we know that the data is there that will decrease our spread,” Dr. Shelley Lenz said.

Lentz also says she has been talking with the OneFargo leader Wess Philome on how to better relationships between police and minorities.

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