Artists From Across U.S. Showcase Their Work at Borderline Chalkfest in Wahpeton

WAHPETON, N.D.- Next time you visit 4th Avenue in downtown Wahpeton, the streets will look a little brighter.

That’s because the pavements will be showcasing the talents of ten artists from states like Minnesota, Michigan and even Utah.

“It’s great to kind of bring these world class artists to Wahpeton, and to really showcase what chalk art can be,” says Shawn McCann, a Local Artist and the Organizer of Chalkfest.

This is the second year the event has been held and due to COVID-19, some adjustments have had to be made.

“We’re a little bit more spread out. In the previous years, it’s as many people as you can pack in a space is always exciting, and this year we just want to be, you know, proactive in preventing anything and so, we’re spread out a little bit further,” he says.

The Organizer and Wahpeton native Shawn McCann says he’s excited not only for artists to display their work, but for people from all parts of the country to see all that Wahpeton has to offer.

Lydia Anderson is an artist from the Twin Cities.

She says art is all about bringing out your personality.

She adds that not many people get the chance to explore their creative side.

“I think it’s humbling for people who are not naturally drawn to art materials to kind of see people doing it,” Anderson says.

Anderson says that although COVID-19 took away a lot of opportunities, it’s all about creating your own as an artist.

“Just kind of finding other ways to either do commissions or chalk art was still available for us in the cities, and then now being here,” she adds.

People stopping by were also able to enjoy food trucks and even create some art of their own.

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