Mapleton community pulls together for young girl recovering from heart surgery

Brooklyn Gjevre was born with a heart defect that was discovered when she was 18 months old

MAPLETON, N.D. — After undergoing open heart surgery at the Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, it was a special welcome home for a girl with a special heart.

“It’s ironic. Her heart is so big, and that’s what needed to be repaired,” said Brooklyn Gjevre’s former teacher Kayla Dornfeld.

Nine-year-old Brooklyn was born with a rare congenital heart defect.

Three years ago, she underwent her first open-heart surgery but still had breathing issues.

In January, she was diagnosed with a condition called Circumflex Aorta.

She’d need yet another open-heart surgery to overcome it.

Brooklyn’s mom Sarah Gjevre said, “They had to go in and ultimately cut her aorta and reconnect it to a different spot of her heart.”

That was on July 14th, but it hasn’t taken long for Brooklyn to bounce right back.

“I expected her to recover really quickly, actually,” said Dornfeld. “She is so strong, she’s been preparing for this for a long time.”

Children’s Hospital surgeons tell Brooklyn’s family they’ve only operated on this condition a couple of times.

Those around her say keeping their faith strong is what’s guided them all along.

“Way maker,” added Dornfeld. “He’s a miracle worker, he’s a promise keeper, he’s a light in the darkness, and truly what we believe we’re witnessing is a modern day miracle.”

A miracle family, friends, and even strangers are celebrating.

“This is awesome that we have this support from our community and our friends and family; it’s pretty surreal,” said Brooklyn’s mom.


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