Social Distancing: That Perfect Pour

While Taprooms Stay Closed Or Have Limited Capacity, How Do You Get That Perfect Pour At Home?


I’m getting away for a couple days and heading out of town. It’s time to relax, enjoy the outdoors, and possibly have a beer or two.

I’ve been supporting local breweries during the pandemic. They all had to close their taprooms at some point, and some remain closed. But you can always grab some offsale. Which leads me to my problem. Minnesota brewries can only sell offsale beer in these big honkin’ cans, called crowlers.

They’re fine to sip out of, but have you ever tried to pour from one of these things into a glass? It feels like it’s impossible to get a clean pour. I always spill beer, and that is something I *cannot* allow any further.
So I asked people in Twitter, and specifically Junkyard Brewing in Moorhead, how to get a clean pour from these things.

Their advice is something I never would have thought.
“Backwards bro, at least for the initial pour. Angle the can and the glass towards one another, then quickly pour backward then swiftly straighten the can.”

That sounds so risky to me, but they’re the experts. I’ll have to try it out.

People also tweeted that the just poured fast, and that prevented spilling.
One guy says he uses a church key to poke a hole in the other side for a smoother pour.
I could see that working too.

Please try testing one of these methods out. I’ll try when I have the chance over the long weekend too. Let me know how it goes. Bonus points if you take a video of the attempt.
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