Social Distancing: Vacation Time

Plus, the show goes on when a theater group performs shows for the public from a balcony


I just got back from a mini vacation. My original plan were blown up by the pandemic, so I tried to come up with a socially distanced vacation. So my girlfriend and I went camping in Northern Minnesota. It checked off all the social distancing boxes. Outdoors! Lots of space!


Mother Nature sure didn’t make it easy on us. It was either super windy, oppressively hot, or storming pretty much the whole time. We booked it out of our tent and watched this storm roll through from my car around midnight on Friday. It’s not like I could sleep with that much lightning dancing around anyway. Thankfully, the tent held up and there wasn’t much water inside once the storm rolled through.

But the area was beautiful when it wasn’t storming. It’s  a really nice view when you’re eating hot dogs over a campfire.

And we got to get up close with nature. A deer was very interested in us, and walked right in front of my car crossing the road. It was very nice to just get away and forget about what’s happening in the news and hang out with a deer.

And if you’re looking for a little escape, a theater group in our region has got your back, from a safe social distance.

The Dakota Prairie Regional Center for the Arts in New Rockford had to cancel their summer production this year due to COVID-19, but they’re still putting on a show.
They call it Songs on Central.
Every other Sunday this summer they’re serenading people from the balcony of their theater and encouraging people to bring a lawn chair and stay for the show.
It’s a pretty clever way to keep the show going during the pandemic.

How are you managing during the pandemic? Show us how you’re still having fun. Let me know on Facebook and Twitter.


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