Social Distancing: Pandemic Stressing Out Pets

Plus, Voice Your Opinion On The New SpudMobile


This pandemic isn’t just stressful for all of us. Our animal friends are dealing with the struggle just like us, only they have no idea what’s going on. Hopefully this morning, one animal who’s been stressed out by the pandemic can start getting some rest and relaxation.

Our friends at C.A.A.R.E. bird rescue in West Fargo shared this photo on Facebook.

Sometimes you have to break your own rules, and in Jake's case bypassing our 30-day waiting period was the right thing…

Posted by Center for Avian Adoption, Rescue, and Education – Parrot Shelter on Monday, August 3, 2020

That regal feathered fella in the middle is Jake. C.A.A.R.E. says he’s been having a rough time since his former owner’s schedule changed due to COVID-19. Jake apparently resorted to plucking his own feathers, with is a sign of stress in birds. His owner had to give him up. The shelter then waived its 30-day waiting period to get Jake into a new home ASAP. Sometimes they say you’ve got to break your own rules.
They’re hopeful Jake will bounce back with his new family, settle down and let his feathers grow back. We wish Jake the best as he deals with the pandemic like we all are.

High school sports are a hot topic of discussion right now. The Minnesota State High School League is meeting Tuesday morning to help decide what this year’s sports season will look like. But no matter when or where games start again, you might see a big new symbol of pride for one local school.

According to the Moorhead Spud History Facebook and Twitter accounts, the Moorhead Legacy Fund got a truck as a gift. The plan is to turn it into a SpudMobile. Moorhead Spud History offered these two paint jobs as options.

Spud Orange Spud White








You got orange with the stripe down the middle and a big “M” on the side. Or you have clean white, with the “M” on the hood and Spuddy the mascot on the side and top. They’re asking for your opinion! Which truck is befitting the number one mascot in the state of Minnesota? I personally think I’d like the orange with the potato on the door. You can let them know what you like. Click here for the Moorhead Spud History Facebook page.

Or let us know which truck you like best. Also, let us know how you’re handling social distancing.
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