Social Distancing: The Half Marathon

Not Letting The Pandemic Take Everything Away


COVID-19 is taking a lot from us. The virus is taking away events, things we took for granted, even our sense of safety and security. For some people, it’s taking their health, or tragically taking their loved ones away.
But this weekend I accomplished something COVID-19 tried to take away, and it felt like an act of defiance against the pandemic.

This is video of me finishing my first-ever half marathon.
I’ve been training to run it since January. If you would have told me I’d run 13.1 miles nine months ago, I would have called you crazy. But even as recently as a week ago, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it.
I was gonna run in the Fargo Marathon, but that got pushed back then ultimately cancelled.
Then I messed up my foot last month and nearly threw in the towel.
But I kept at it.
My running group has been putting on socially distanced runs, so on Saturday morning I ambled through a few of Fargo-Moorhead’s finest parks about as swiftly as a sloth for 13.1 miles with my impromptu marathon buddy Laura.
My sweet girlfriend met me at a half-dozen spots along the route to cheer me on. That helped a lot.
And I did it! Months of hard training and overcoming obstacles all paid off. I got a little emotional when I finished.
Even though there were no huge crowds and I didn’t get to cross the finish line in the Fargodome, I think it means a little more to me this way because I didn’t let the obstacles beat me.

Sorry if this just seemed like me bragging about this, but I’m really proud and honestly didn’t know if I could pull off a half-marathon.
Running has kind of kept me sane during all of this.
Let me know how you’re taking care of your mental health during the pandemic.
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