Social Distancing: Looking For Hidden Gems

Exploring Close To Home While Social Distancing


Social distancing is all about protecting your physical health, but the constant vigilance about staying safe and all the bad news we hear about COVID-19 can mess with your mental health.
So I asked you guys how you’re coping with the constant mental strain of living in a pandemic.

Debora up near Lake of the Woods has a lovely method of staying sane. She writes, “To keep my sanity through this pandemic, I spend extra time with my pets. Grooming, exercise, training, and extra love and cuddles. It makes us all feel better and our bond stronger.”
That sounds like a win/win right there.

I’ve been trying to break up the monotony by trying to do new things. You know, we live in quite a beautiful area if you know where to look.
I took my girlfriend on a walk yesterday and decided to head to a park I’ve never been to, Trollwood Park up in North Fargo.
It was delightful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Willow trees like that in the Metro before. There were butterflies everywhere. It was beautiful.
It felt like a little one-hour vacation and kind of re-energized me.

So what are your hidden gems? It’s easy to forget that there is so much in our own backyards that we can explore while we stay close to home.
Give us all some ideas.
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