Grand Forks Honors Officers At 10-78 5K and Community Day

Police code 10-78 means an officer needs assistance.

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — “In this run take some time to reflect why we are here, reflect respect for the people that are here and think of Cody because I do everyday,” Grand Forks Police Chief Mark Nelson said.

Police code 10 78 means an officer needs assistance.

Grand Forks County Sheriff Andrew Schnider says the public has been out in full force since the community lost officer Cody Holte in the line of duty.

“And our other officer Corporal Ron Nord, along with unfortunately as early as last night a Walsh County Deputy was injured in the line of duty by gunfire, clearly this event is going to show we support our local law enforcement,” Schnider said.

The 5k run, which is broken up into 10 groups to socially distance, changed it’s first place medal this year to honor Holte.

At the start each group of runners a squad car siren is blown by Grand Forks Police Chief Mark Nelson.

“This event we have over doubled our numbers, half of them are virtual but for that many people to reach out and recognize they show their support their local law enforcement really means a lot,” Schnider said.

Sheriff Schnider says officers always put their community first and thanks all those who are willing to come out to run.

“Run walk push crawl whatever it takes 3.1 miles to you may be a lot of work our job everyday is just like that we never know when someone is going to call us for help,”Schnider said.

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