LIVE: Golden Drive Collects School Supplies For Unprecedented School Year

Collecting Supplies For Learning And To Keep Kids Safe During COVID-19


During an unprecedented school year, the push to collect school supplies for kids also focuses of keeping kids safe in the classroom.

Golden Drive is collecting school supplies at Culver’s today from 11-2 for kids experiencing homelessness. Plus 20% of all sales go towards school supplies.
The group is on the lookout for traditional school supplies like backpacks, pencils, and crayons and markers.
But this year there’s also a push to collect things that are necessary during the pandemic, including disinfectant wipes and face masks.

Sue Baron with Golden Drive says, “We have some good connections that are helping us out right now, but yeah, it’s really hard. You know with masks, kids will be losing. They get one mask when they get to school but kids will be losing them, so we have 5,000 coming in to help out.”

If you would like to help out, Golden Drive is constantly collecting items for kids experiencing homelessness in our region.

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