How Marcus Theatres is trying to keep F-M moviegoers safe while enjoying a movie

But because of COVID-19 the experience will look slightly different.

FARGO, N.D.- Moviegoers rejoice. You can go back to watching on the big screen.

“Movies are an escape from reality, for that two to three hours. So, at a time when the community and everywhere could use that escape. So people were very, very eager for us to reopen,” the General Manager of Marcus Century Cinema Tristan Ross said.

Marcus Theaters is taking steps to promote health and safety even before you arrive at the theater.

“We’re practicing social distancing. There’s going to be thorough clean and sanitation. Now before you get here, we’re actually encouraging you to order your concessions.  So, we’re asking everyone to be respectful, whether it’s social distancing. Masks are required unless you’re eating or drinking,” Ross said.

When sitting down to enjoy the movie, the room will be a lot more empty than before.

That’s because there will be two vacant seats for every two available seats.

“However, we know that there’s a lot of families or friends that want to sit together, we can still accommodate that. By you guys still purchasing those four seats and then we can move you guys together as long as there’s an empty seat between you and the next guest,” Ross adds.

Every other bathroom stall and urinal will also be closed down to help promote social distancing.

Here’s the  link to the full safety guidelines on our website.

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