Local organization gives kids a head start in time for new school year

It's offering 400 free backpacks, school supplies, hair cuts, and health screenings to the public at no charge

FARGO, N.D. — The local nonprofit Faith4Hope is hoping to remove some barriers local families can face when preparing to go back to school.

“We find that people needed the most right now. With COVID going on it’s kind of hard to juggle everything. Hybrid classes, at home, and so, now they’re going back to school, and we want them to be well prepared,” Faith4Hope Organizer Hope Shepard said.

The event offers 400 free backpacks, school supplies, hair cuts, and health screenings to the public at no charge.

“To see the child’s face light up as they choose a backpack, we know in some cases they wouldn’t be able to afford it. It means everything to us to just be able to give back to the community,” Shepard said.

The Saula family has been attending the event for the last three years.

“Pretty excited about the given opportunity that we have here and we’re very appreciative of faith for hope and just to Faith in all that she’s done for us so far,”Siji Saula said.

All six Saula children got a backpack full of school supplies, as well as hand sanitizers and masks due to the current times.

“I guess this is like my favorite color, and I really like it,” Saula’s son said.

The father, Siji Saula says having all the kids at home for the last couple of months has felt like the earth is shaking.

But it’s also taught all of them to become better parents, sons and daughters.

“We worked together as a family, we organized things in our home. We got a few schedules together, so everyone could do everything they needed to do in the same space,” Saula said.

Saula says it took a lot of praying, but he feels confident about having his kids go back to school knowing he has educated them about how to stay safe.

Here’s to link to register for a backpack.

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