Social Distancing: Painted Rock Mystery

Painted Rocks Are Hidden Throughout The Valley. Adam Is Mystified By One In Particular


Here’s a way you can go on a never-ending scavenger hunt and get out of the house during the pandemic.

There are these groups that paint rocks and hide them at local parks and public spaces. I follow this group called FargoMoorhead Rocks. They paint the group’s name on the back of the rocks so people can post where they find them. Then people can keep them or re-hide them. Rocks from this group have showed up a thousand miles away. It’s a fun way to get out while you’re social distancing.

But I found a painted rock that confounded me earlier this week.

20200824 121835

This is the front side of it. It looks like a little fall leaf or maybe a red pine tree. Either way, it caught my eye immediately. But on the other side, there wasn’t the name of a Facebook group.


20200824 121832

Look. It just says the words “Chief Rob”. I didn’t know what to make of that. I couldn’t find a Facebook group named that. Then my girlfriend pointed out I know a Chief Rob.


Rob Kupec Bio Rev 1024x731


KVRR’s own Chief Meteorologist Rob Kupec! I asked him. He says he has nothing to do with the rock. But he says it’s pretty funny “Chief Rob” is written on the rock, so I brought the rock in and I’m leaving it for him. Enjoy the gift, Rob!

Do you know where the rock came from? I’d love to find out who painted it. It’s such a strange coincidence.
Also, let me know how you’re making fun while we’re social distancing.
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