Sen. Smith wants to make a future coronavirus vaccine free

WASHINGTON –┬áMinnesota Senator Tina Smith introduces a bill that would make a coronavirus vaccine free once it is available.

The Free Covid-19 Treatment Act would provide states the option and financial incentive to expand Medicaid to cover the cost of coronavirus treatment for those without insurance.

It would also waive cost-sharing for coronavirus treatment and medically necessary items and services like in person and telehealth visits.

Smith believes it’s important to get the legislation passed because she says 5.4 million Americans lost their health insurance between February and May.

“We’ve already paid once for this because we are putting, as taxpayers, billions of dollars into the development of these vaccines, and that’s important. We need to have a vaccine that is safe and affective, but we shouldn’t have to pay twice for it,” Smith said.

Smith is also working to extend pandemic employment benefits and get Covid-19 relief for poultry and pork producers.

Click here for more information on the Free Covid-19 Treatment Act.

Watch the full interview below.

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