Social Distancing: Watercolor Wonder

A Colorful Sunrise Gets Immortalized In More Ways Than One


As we’re looking for ways to fill time while we stick close to home, here’s a social distancing past time that could yield some awe-inspiring results. Painting!

Tower Wx Pic

A couple weeks ago I took this photo out of the back door of the station. I love how sunrises around here can be nearly any color. There’s purples, pinks, blues and oranges all swirling around, framed by our big broadcast tower. Well, one of our production assistants, Danielle, turned that photo into a piece of art that’s at least as stunning, if not more.


20200827 043059 Hdr

She made this watercolor, which I love. It has an almost foreboding quality to it. I love how the colors all swirl together, yet you can still make them out individually. And she was kind enough to give me a print of the painting.

I’m sure she put a lot more work into painting it than I did snapping a pic on my phone.
Watercolor is not an easy medium to work with. This is seriously impressive.

Are you brushing up on your art skills in the age of social distancing? Show us your new projects!
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