Social Distancing: Running Through Adversity

Racers Take To The Streets On The Day The Fargo Marathon Was Set For


Saturday was supposed to be the day runners all got together to run the Fargo Marathon. Originally that was supposed to be in May, but it got pushed back, then cancelled all together. But that doesn’t mean those running shoes sat in a dark closet all alone this weekend.

The running group I’m part of put on our own mini-marathon. Only about 30 or so people ran, which made social distancing easier. I finally did the half-marathon I’d been training almost eight month for. It’s easy to stay socially distanced when you’re so much slower than the rest of the runners, so great for me! It was a euphoric feeling to finish, even though I didn’t get to run into the FargoDome amid a cheering crowd.
Our group even got medals for us, with our names on them! You don’t get your name on the medal at the Fargo Marathon. And even though I’m still very slow, I shaved nearly 12 minutes off my time from a few weeks ago.
It was a satisfying way to end a weird summer of running.

Now that I’ve crossed the finish line, I want to find something else to do and stay active. I’m thinking of busting my bicycle out of the garage. I haven’t ridden in way too long. Do you have any ideas for socially-distanced exercise? Tell me what your’e doing! Find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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