Thielen, Cousins Looking for Continued Success on Field in Year Three Together

Thielen has 15 touchdowns from Cousins

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — It may be hard to believe. The Minnesota Vikings’ season opener is less than two weeks away. Receiver Adam Thielen returns for his 7th season with the franchise — and the third season catching passes from Kirk Cousins.

The quarterback has looked the 2-time pro bowler’s way 201 times and have connected on 15 touchdowns over the last two seasons. Before an injury-ridden 2019 season, playing only 10 games, the all-pro receiver came off back to back seasons of over one thousand yards.

Having to jump right into a regular season, with no preseason, it doesn’t cause many problems for the duo. Its picking up right where their previous success left off.

“It’s always great to get more reps with the same quarterback,” Thielen said. “It seems that the more you’re around a guy, especially a guy like him that loves the game so much and takes pride in what he does, there’s more chemistry, you understand each other a little bit more. Things seem to be more seamless because we’ve had reps, we’ve had things where they come up and you just can’t talk about in a meeting room.”

Both are coming up on 100 career games played this season.

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