Social Distancing: A Gem In Plain Sight

NDSU's Horticulture Research & Demonstration Gardens Offer A Beautiful Diversion To Your Routine


I’ve been trying to share places to explore in our own backyard so we can break things up a bit while we’re staying closer to home during the pandemic. And this beautiful spot is right out in the open, yet feels mostly deserted.

I visited NDSU’s Horticulture Research & Demonstration Gardens Tuesday afternoon.
It’s beautiful.
Hummingbirds danced around countless plants. The scent of flowers wafted in the air.
There’s the historic daylily garden with tons of varieties mostly cultivated more than 40 years ago.
The lilies are a bit past their peak right now, but the rest of the garden is popping with color and activity.
There’s an annual garden, a perennial garden, and a shade garden.
And all the plants are labeled, so you can learn a thing or two about horticulture while you’re there.
The garden is right there on 12th Avenue, North, right on NDSU’s Campus.
It’s super easy to get to. There’s free parking.
Yet when we got there, there was only one other person there and she was tending the garden. There were no other sight-seers.
We spent 45 minutes there feeling rejuvenated by nature.
So if you’re looking to break up the quarantine routine, there you go.

What are your hidden gems? I’m running out of places to explore that I already know about.
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