U.S Bank Brings Its “Good Truck” To Essentia Health To Give Back To Healthcare Workers

Through this event the company also wanted to support local businesses.

FARGO, N.D.- The company surprised healthcare workers with sweet treats from shops like Scoop N Dough and Red River Coffee.

U.S Bank says healthcare workers and small businesses have been greatly impacted by the pandemic.

The company has been traveling the country while hosting events to give back to the community.

“The pandemic has really taken a toll on our frontline workers, so that’s saying thank you to our frontline workers at Essentia, but then at the same time it’s been hard on small businesses. Things have slowed down. They either have to cut hours or you know just slow down the way they’re serving our communities,”said  the US Bank North Dakota Regional President Darin Daby.

The company is expected to serve around 450 people.

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