Lake Agassiz Two-Cylinder Club hosts second annual Threshing Bee

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Lake Agassiz Two-Cylinder Club, a local group dedicated to preserving and showcasing vintage farming equipment, hosts its second annual Threshing Bee.

As its blades rotate and wheels turn, the threshing machine brings with it more than just commotion.

For many, it brings back memories.

“My father threshed; had a threshing rig of his own,” said former farmer Stanley Demeyere. “He quit threshing about 1938, but I remember pitching a few bundles. I was only maybe 6 or 7 years old, but I was out on the field.”

Although agriculture has come a long way since then, those at the Lake Agassiz Two-Cylinder Club say it’s important to acknowledge the industry’s history.

“Agriculture is still a lot of work, it’s just different work than back then by all means, but it does give us appreciation for a lot of the modern conveniences we have,” explained Club President Alex Swanson.

More than 50 people; some farmers and some not, some older and some younger, gathered to watch and take part in the Club’s second annual Threshing Bee.

“They’re seeing how wheat was harvested for, I suppose you could say the last part of the 19th century and about the first half of the 20th century before combines, modern self-propelled combines, were invented,” explained Swanson. “The land we’re on now probably used a threshing machine last in around 1948 or ’49, and this area was about the last time that anybody used them. And it’s probably been since then that a threshing machine has been on this land, too.”

As some grow nostalgic of the times they put a machine like this to work, the younger ones make new memories with the equipment from before their time.

Swanson said, “It’s kind of heartwarming to see that people of all different ages can enjoy something like this together.”

The Lake Agassiz Two-Cylinder Club is taking part in a Plowing Bee next weekend in Blanchard, North Dakota.

Find more information about the Club by clicking here.

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