Sanford and UND Launch Website That Helps Those Struggling Due To COVID-19

According to the website, around 25% of the people in the US will experience some type of mental health disorder in their life.

NORTH DAKOTA – The Behavioral Health Bridge is a website that aims to provide information on common behavioral health issues and provide resources on where to seek help.

The website includes sections of the impact of COVID-19, stress and coping, sSelf-care and caring for loved ones, support and treatment and help for healthcare providers.

Through this initiative, the organizers also acknowledged the lack of access to behavioral healthcare services in rural communities.

“In North Dakota, there’s many counties in this state where we don’t have mental health professionals and so, this is a way for us to deliver if you’ll call it, care to them and so, ultimately is a way for us to get more treatment out to more people in North Dakota even after the pandemic,” said  Stephen Wonderlich, the Vice President of Sanford Research.

Here is the link to the website.


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