North Dakota K-12 schools to receive funding for distance learning needs

BISMARCK, N.D.–North Dakota lawmakers approved more than $31 million in funding for K-12 schools on Thursday.

The funding will support staffing needs, distance learning instruction in reading, English and math and provide broadband connections for families who do not currently have it.

The state plans to divide the funding into three portions.

  • $30 million will go towards an “Education Corps” fund to help school districts cover extra staffing expenses. Each district will receive $30,000 in addition to $217.21 per student.
  • $950,000 will help fund a software learning program known as Exact Path. The program is tailored for each individual student to help in math, reading and English.
  • $500,000 will assist families who cannot afford the broadband service required for distance learning.

State School Superintendent Kirsten Baesler said, “This money will be a great help to our schools in meeting pandemic expenses that were unexpected and impossible to budget for. Our educators, school administrators, and families are doing heroic work to make sure that the education of our students continues in spite of the obstacles created by this pandemic, and these funds offer assistance that is badly needed.”

The funds being distributed to the state come from federal COVID-19 emergency response legislation approved by Congress in March and must be used by December 31.

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