Special Assessment Hearing in Horace Gets Heated

There will be a Horace City Council meeting taking place on Monday

HORACE, N.D.– The meeting was to protest special assessments related to projects currently in plan by the city of Horace.

Levi Bachmeier, the business manager at West Fargo Public Schools was in attendance and petitioned against the assessment on 63rd.

“Lower the amount being assessed against the district, and being able to come up with an amount that is justifiable to the school board and to the taxpayers of the district,” said West Fargo Public School Business Manager Levi Bachmeier.

Three of the four projects have an assessment percentage of 150, while the other has an assessment percentage of 100.

A cost that will be passed on to taxpayers.

“Hardwood to Reiler’s Acres, West Fargo, parts of Fargo that reside within the district boundaries, obviously the community of Horace and any place, any taxpayer that resides or sends their children to West Fargo Public Schools are affected by this decision,” ┬áBachmeier said.

Many of the people in attendance felt frustrated, mainly because most didn’t know or didn’t agree with the projects in the first place.

“They’re doing projects, they’re building things, they’re fixing things, they’re upgrading things that they don’t need to upgrade, but then they’re charging us for it after the fact,” Horace resident┬áBrent Hansen said.

Some also blamed the city’s lack of communication regarding any upcoming projects and construction.

“We want to be notified prior to any developments prior to any projects going on,” Hansen said.

Others disagree.

“There were meetings for that and it was clarified. If you have questions go to your city council and ask questions.”

The lawyer representing Horace encourages people to reach out directly to the city council about any concerns they have regarding the projects and assessments.

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