“Faster” Electric Vehicle Charging Station Opens At Visitors Bureau

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo is celebrating the opening of a super fast electric vehicle charging station.

A ribbon-cutting was held at the site of the new charger at the F-M Convention and Visitors Bureau in south Fargo.

North Dakota and Cass County Electric have been able to install of a number of charging stations in the state using just 15% of the funds from the Volkswagen Settlement.

Three new level 3 DC fast chargers and 35 level 2 chargers will give drivers many options to “fill up” their electric vehicles.

“Well up until now charging options in the state of North Dakota have been sparse, there’s not very many of them,” said Chad Brousseau with Cass County Electric.

“So if you have a electric vehicle you can kinda be limited in your range, where these fast chargers will really take away some of that range anxiety and really allow you to travel a good portion of the state in an electric vehicle.

The addition of these fast charging stations should help make electric vehicles more viable in Fargo.


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