Fargo School Board approves 2020-21 final budget

The board approved levying 154.38 mills.

FARGO, N.D. — The Fargo School Board approved the 2020-2021 budget at the school board meeting.

The approval of the bill was needed after making adjustments from the proposed budget in July.

The changes were made as a result of staffing finalization, virtual academy costs and a higher utility bill to address COVID-19 related concerns.

The board approved levying 154.38 mills.

One of the major budget changes was due to nutrition services.

“Due to federal efforts, we are offering free meal service at this point in time to all of our students. We also, because of COVID, have limited menu selection and students are picking up meals,” said school board member, Jim Johnson.

The net change to the general fund is over 1.1 million dollars, representing a balanced budget for fiscal 2021.

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