Social Distancing: Bring On The Fall Colors

Plus, Another Hidden Gem Along The Red River


Fall has begun! The Autumn Equinox officially happened at 8:30, just a few minutes ago, so we’re officially saying goodbye to summer.
And that means fall colors! Click here for a live look at one of our most breathtaking natural sites in the region, the Mississippi River Headwaters at Itasca State Park.

And we’ve got about a month of prime nature-viewing before the colors get past their peak. It’s a great social distancing activity. It’s still plenty warm out. And you can keep tabs on the best times to head out.

North Dakota Tourism has a fall colors website where you can check out a dozen different areas in the state to find the best time to see those vibrant golds and reds. Click here to check out their map.

And the Minnesota DNR has a handy dandy map for us showing fall color levels in the state. Click here for their map.

It’s still fairly early in the fall colors season. Basically, the darker the map, the closer we are to peak color. Those greens in yellow in our area mean we’re at less than 50 percent peak color.

I’ve been trying to share great places to get out and explore in our area and safely socially distance. And with the fall colors coming, now is the time.

We went and explored what might be my new favorite park in the Metro, Lions Conservancy Park. It’s right off of University just south of 40th Street, and it’s the most rustic park I’ve been to in the metro. First, there’s stunning views of the river.

Lions 1

Next, there’s just so much vegetation packed in there, with little dirt trails winding through.

Lions 2

I saw tons of deer tracks along trails. You never know what will lurk around the corner, which leads me to this crazy find if you follow the path south.

Lions 3

This is the frame of a REALLY old car just sitting there in the woods. It’s been there so long the Earth is reclaiming it and it’s half-buried. It was like a piece of history just waiting to be found. Pretty cool.

We’re always looking for social distancing ideas. I actually got the idea to head to Lions Conservancy park from my buddy meteorologist Rob Kupec, so thanks for that, Rob!
Let me know your ideas.
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