Walz praises Moorhead Public Schools’ plans to keep kids safe amid Covid-19

MOORHEAD, Minn. – Minnesota Governor Tim Walz stops by S.G. Reinersten Elementary School on on his statewide Safe Learning Tour.

Walz thanked schools for their efforts to stay safe amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He is emphasizing caution so students and staff can learn and teach the best they can given the health concerns.

Walz has been visiting schools in-person as well as online. The governor visited with outdoor classes, teachers and nutrition staff.

“The desire to get these kids in the classroom is strong, and I recognize that, but the desire to get them back in the classroom safely is our responsibility. Out here, I think, that responsibility was taken seriously. Everything from how to figure out a complex transportation system to delivering meals to delivering education in a model that hadn’t been done before,” Walz said.

The elementary school has planned for four different models it may switch to throughout the year.

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